CASE STUDY: Musical Hydrotherapy Hub - Bedelsford School, Kingston

Video feature: The practice of Lawrence Bradshaw, the school's music lead

Lawrence uses music for student interaction, for relaxation and play.

He uses the iPad apps: Thumbjam, Bloom and VoiceSynth

The iPad connects to the mixer through Bluetooth which send the sounds to the underwater speakers.

Lawrence has a range of instruments on pool side such as Acoustic Guitar, Guzheng, Chimes and Wah Wah Tubes. these are played live in the room and also through the Line 6 Relay G10 system to the mixer and underwater speakers. 

His playing sometimes responds to the movement of the student while in the water. For example intensifying the playing as the movement intensifies thereby creating more underwater sound vibrations against the body.

One of his students who is severely hard of hearing, enjoys while in the water, strumming an acoustic guitar resting on pool side. The guitar sound is played back through the underwater speaker near her belly enabling her to feel the sound she is creating.